Dragons, The D of D&D.
Dragons. Fancy. Horribly powerful. Cunning. Mighty sleepers. From a baby whelp to an ancient beast, some thousand years pass by. If your campaign needs one this is your source!

Find one that suits you, and Print away.

Dragon Generator
Make them by the rules (Draco Alen Ownum)
Make your own rules (Draco Custom Ownum)

Dragon Archetypes (Random Assortment)
Black Dragon (Draco Causticus Sputem)
Blue Dragon (Draco Electricus)
Brass Dragon (Draco Impudentus Gallus)
Bronze Dragon (Draco Gerus Bronzo)
Chromatic Dragon (Tiamat)
Copper Dragon (Draco Comes Stabuli)
Gold Dragon (Draco Orientalus Sino Dux)
Green Dragon (Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Repiratorus)
Platinum Dragon (Bahamut)
Red Dragon (Draco Confagratio Horriblis)
Silver Draon (Draco Nobilis Argentum)
White Dragon (Draco Rigidus Frigidus)
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