Warcraft Scenarios

Warcraft is an addictive realtime strategy and tactical medieval fantasy battle game. Warcraft was created by the great folks at Blizzard Entertainment. It can be played against one or more other humans or computers, up to 8 in total. The scenarios here are mostly single player against multiple computer opponents. Allies are also provided for flavor.

Using These Scenarios
To use these scenarios you need to have Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness for your PC or Mac. Click on the scenario name and save it to your machine. Place it in the custom scenarios directory/folder. Start Warcraft and choose Single Player. Then choose Custom Scenario. Then change the listing from the internal scenarios to the PUDs. Choose the name of the scenario you downloaded. Leave all settings as their map defaults. Start the game. If you're playing any of these as two player games, you probably already know what to do.

You don't want to use cheat codes with the single player games. You'll just cheat yourself.

Available Scenarios
The ancient human city of Kairnvalás has been partially restored to its infamous evil power by the Horde. Two small human villages south of Kairnvalás are known to have been scouted by the new Horde inhabitants. You and your army have been dispatched to this Eastern province. Your most expedient approach is through the Mountains of Kaltrass. This delay may make your arrival too late.

Gather the human forces. Repel and conquer the advancing Horde. It is recommended you immediately set the game speed to the slowest setting during the first few minutes so you can understand the setting.

File: Kairnvalas.pud
Author: Clay Webster
Difficulty: Difficult
Terrain: Rolling woodland
Conflict: Humans vs. Orcs
Map: 128x128
Players: 1

Drüsendane Point
You, an assault leader for the Orcs of the Blood Maw, have have been dispatched to aid to the backward tribe of the Green Eye. Once joined with them in their pittiful village (in the northwest), build your forces and crush all the human port cities.

File: DrusendaenPoint.pud (123Kb)
Author: Clay Webster
Difficulty: Challenging
Terrain: Coastal
Conflict: Orcs vs. Humans
Map: 128x128
Players: 1

Serf Revolt and Fight for Freedom
The lowly Serfs rise up and try to establish a kingdom of their own. Make sure to play the first few minutes on a slow speed -- for the rebellion to work it will take precision, luck, and few mistakes. Once you overthrow your lord(s) you'll find that they've gotten some help. You'll also have to deal with orcish battles that you were previouly sheltered from.

There are two builds of this PUD; for a single player and for two players working together. If you play the two player game make sure to communicate well. You'll need each other's help.

One Player File: SerfRevolt-1p.pud
One or Two Player: SerfRevolt-2p.pud
Author: Clay Webster
Difficulty: Advanced/Expert
Terrain: Hills
Conflict: Humans vs. their Lords and Allies
Players: 1 or 2

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